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Permanently antistatic:
Thanks to a
novel, innovative material from NORRES,
all hoses marked with this symbol are
permanently antistatic (<10
is additionally cross
linked by NORRES in an innovative,
patented process that makes the
hoses more resistant to heat and less
susceptible to ageing.
Glass/ fork symbol:
NORRES hoses
bearing this symbol have been issued
with an offi cial approval from an
independent testing institute for use in
food applications in accordance with the
EU Directive.
NORRES hoses with
this symbol are 100% free of phthalate
GREEN icon:
NORRES pursues a
successful sustainability strategy which,
amongst other things, specifies the
following basic principles for product
that are not in competition with food
raw materials boasting comparable
properties to conventional plastics
impact based on the life cycle
assessment (LCA) [= ecobalance]
derived from renewable raw materials
for polyesters, polyamides,
polyurethanes and vinyl polymers
These specifications have firstly resulted
in the development of bioplastics based,
for example, on derivatives of castor oil.
Their share is usually in the region of 50
to 20%, depending on the hardness and
the nature of the synthetic material. The
mechanical properties and chemical
resistances of bioplastic raw materials
are not significantly different from those
of our standard types. The approvals
available as an option may deviate from
those of the standard types. Secondly,
plastics and products with a relatively low
environmental impact according to the life
cycle assessmen(LCA) [= ecobalance]
have meanwhile been developed and
released for productive use.
All NORRES products identified with
this icon are either manufactured from
a bioplastic raw material as standard,
or available in a bioplastic version as an
option, or they have a comparatively good
NORRES Product Quality: Icons
Other technical data on Data subject to change without notice. All values indicated here are approximate figures based on a temperature of 20°C.